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2013 IFVGA Conference Power Point Presentations

We are pleased to provide our members with the power point presentations from our 2013 annual conference. If you missed a session or were unable to join us this year, you are now able to view the presentations that you missed. Please click on the presentation below you would like to view.

Transplant Production of Vegetables - Dr. Ajay Nair, ISU Horticulture

Marketing and Merchandising for Farmers Market Vendors - Andy Larson, ISU Extension Small Farm Sustainability

Update on Food Safety Practices with Fruits and Vegetables - Dr. Angela Shaw, ISU Extension Food Safety

Sweet Corn, Tomato, & Cucurbits: Genetics, Traits & New Varieties - Brad Paulson, Rupp Seeds

Cheap and Cost Effective Vegetable Washer - Brandon Carpenter, ISU Horticulture

Is a Certified Kitchen Right for Your Operation? - Bev Baedke, Community Orchards

Insect & Pest Control of Squash & Pumpkins - Dr. Donald Lewis, ISU Dept. of Entomology

The Local Food Movement Across Iowa - Jason Grimm, Food Systems Planner, Iowa Valley RC&D

Sweet Corn, Tomato & Cucurbits: Genetics, Traits & New Varieties - Jason Williamson, Siegers Seed Company

Design & Operation of Irrigation Supplies for Orchards - Joe Hannan, ISU Horticulture

The Local Food Movement Across Iowa - Laura Kuennen, ISU Extension Regional Food Coordinator

Update on Labor Laws & Practices: Employing Individuals Under 18 - Laura Wood, Iowa Division of Labor (Please check the Iowa Division of Labor Website for the most up to date information)

Iowa Farm Features - Susan Just, ZJ Farm & Local Harvest CSA

Fungal & Bacterial Diseases in Vegetables - Dr. Mark Gleason, ISU Horticulture

The Basics of Organic Certification: How to Get Started - Maury Wills, Bureau Chief, Organic Certification IDALS

Iowa Farm Features - Bev Baedke - Community Orchards

Fruit Tree Varieties for the Upper Midwest - Patrick O'Malley, ISU Horticulture

Drought & Winter Conditions: Impact on Iowa Fruits in 2013 - Dr. Paul Domoto, ISU Horticulture

Iowa Farm Features - Shane & Elisa Pinter, Pinter's Garends and Pumpkins

Farm to School: New Opportunities - Tammy Stotts, Iowa Dept. of Agriculture and Land Stewardship

Growing Local Purchases - Wayne Tudor, General Manager Norse Culinary Team, Luther College



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