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July 2019

Jul 16
July 16
Understanding and Managing Striped Cucumber Beetle

The striped cucumber beetle is a common pest of cucurbit crops in the Midwest. The spotted cucumber beetle, also known as the southern corn rootworm, is also a pest of cucurbit crops, but the striped cucumber beetle has more economic impact due to its ability to transmit bacterial wilt.

Jul 16
July 16
Understanding Crop Profitability for Food Farmers in Iowa

How can a vegetable farmer know which crops are profitable enough to keep growing? Can marketing costs be analyzed by sales channel? They can with the right enterprise budgets. Learn more in this article. 

Jul 16
July 16
Fruit and Vegetable Field Day Planned for Aug. 5

The fruit and vegetable research taking place at Iowa State University’s Horticulture Research Station will be on full display for the Fruit and Vegetable Field Day Aug. 5. Specific projects include high tunnels, organic vegetable production, pepper and sweet potato production, pest management in cucurbit crops, hops, peaches and beneficial insects such as bees, wasps and pollinators.

Jul 16
July 16
New Online Database Puts Sharper Focus on US Agricultural Injuries

A newly updated online tool is providing a clearer picture of injuries in agriculture. enables users to search the largest database of publicly available U.S. agricultural injury and fatality reports, getting a near real-time snapshot of the distribution and nature of trauma incidents, both nationally and locally.

Jul 2
July 2
Food Systems Team Helps Communities Meet Their Goals

Working with food means working with people, and as communities, schools and organizations look to grow their food programs, they can count on the resources of the Food Systems Team with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. As part of the larger Farm, Food and Enterprise Development Program, the Food Systems Team helps communities and organizations through community-based food systems that involve participant-led projects around community food, Farm to School and food access.

Jul 1
July 1
Enterprise Development Team Helps Entrepreneurs Plan Ahead

When an entrepreneur or business owner needs a business plan, the Enterprise Development Team at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has options that can help. As part of the Farm, Food and Enterprise Development Program, the Enterprise Development Team can help with feasibility studies for startups, or more commonly, help an established business improve and find new ways to advance.

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